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About my collections

my fav movie is 8 seconds...(dont get it twisted) i listen to alot of different types of music but as for the rez i listen to stateline or fenders2.. and i hate reading and i hardly play any games..lol


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Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Aug 25 19:49
Hey old friend lol...w.b. im back
Posted: 9 years ago at Jun 2 16:46
Hey, YO , wat's up! Im bck lol...well 1st of all da skewl blockd listal so i had no way n gettn n lol...so summer is here n were out of skewl lol...bt then i hav 2 find a job sumwhere lol...wbu? well graduatn passd 4 me so im free haha bt then im gonna go 2 skewl @ cali with ma older sis! So yea...n i guess our prom was fuckd up lol...so getler told u guys? Dang, i havent seen or talk 2 da nigga n a long tyme! Cuze we hardly see him arund after wat happend wit him n coachn here! lol (poor guy).bt i think i saw him here @ da flea market 1 tyme lol...i was jst lookn arund thro...i wasnt buyn nething lol...He's a cool guy!! So wat r u up 2!! w/b/s!!!....
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at May 4 20:48
nah i didnt go to to prom....funnies u just helpd koozie bro
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at May 1 21:03
ooo ha yeah lolz
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at May 1 16:10
lol...i need 2 do dat more often 2 jk ha So ur lil bro is go n 2 get a new dog? Jst cute! Dat is da dog i want bt i dnt c those arund here @ da rez thro...lol jk Ma dad jst chasd out ma dog 2 lol...cuze he got tired of his loud barkn n da huse lol...So ur go n 2 go 2 da battle of da bands? Dang, dat sunds fun bt where is dis @? So i can tell ma parents n mayb they want 2 go haha So u heard abot our prom? I didnt hear nething or i dnt want 2 hear abot it lol...So wat happned neways! I'll tell ma frienz lata thro...ha Well O, a senior lock n is when senior come 2 da skewl all nite n stay n da skewl til morn n! The fee is $5.00 n u can bring ne 1 wit u 2! Their's movies u can watch, games, dance, eat, give out prizes such as touch i-pods,ipods, mp3's, tv's, psp, x-box's and etc...It's FUN!! We hav a big skewl so we get 2 do all dat all ova da skewl! Plus, they'll b a air balloom thing! All dat stuff! lol...We already had our senior ditch day bt i didnt go cuze i already missd alot of dayz lol...We us senior suppose 2 hav a cookout @ da park bt it was cancell cuze of da weather! it was f***ed up da day so we couldnt cook! haha So u guys dnt have senior lockn? g2g, bell is gonna ring...ha ttyl....
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 30 20:53
lolz hey wat it dew tiff? shoot i know pierre n gayla always steal youu lol jk ne ways im juss bored out since lynnies not hur it sux lolz
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 29 21:15
lol...No, they dnt drink! Bt ma mom kinda does bt only once n a gud while b-hind ma dad's bk lol...She's alil krazy bt she has 2 hav fun 2! ha well i jst got check out 2day after lunch so im jst wit ma sis n were jst hangn out @ dine college lol...So ur lil bro's dog was named brutt? jst cute! Dats a gud name 4 a dog haha So nething new dere? Ova here, were jst gettn ready 4 graduatn! N prom went on sat.nite lol..bt i didnt go! Cuze it was 2 late 2! Bt senior lock n is com'n up 2! Im go n 2 take ma sis wit me! haha Do u guys hav senior lock n? Dang, summer iz here! lol...Bt tyme 2 get sunburn or aka burn! Dang, iz it HOT up dere haha well g2g ttyl....bye
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at Apr 22 19:21
lol...i wuld get tired of being dere all nite n not go n 2 sleep! haha I wuld jst hit da grund n get bk up lol...jk bt i wuld lyk 2 go 2 1 of dose! Ma parents r nt traditnal! haha their christian! Which is Gud thro...Y do people go 2 dose metn neways? Bt neways....SO ur lil bro chiwahwa (hw ever u spell it) died? lol...nt 2 b mean bt dat's kinda funny! Dat poor lil dog! So he went 2 go restroom then sum1 ran ova it? ha O..NO! I always watch ma dog everytyme he goes outside bt he goes outside once n a gud tyme thro...So wat was his name? Mine, is chico! lol...its jst cute 2 bt he always barks @ ma dad cuze i dk? Cuze ma dads mean n always yelln @ him cuze of wat he does 2 him! haha it's alil funny thro...I told u dat it has 2 bother u see n him wit otha gurls! Bt it's ok thro...it's jst hw it is! lol...u'll get ova it mayb n anothr 2 2 3 yrs lol jk bt yea....well g2g nw, da bell is go n 2 rang! ttyl....
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at Apr 17 14:23
lol...No kiddn abot da wind! Bt it wasnt dusty thro..lol bt ma lil chahwaua (hw ever u spell it) startd blown away 4rm us lol...so i had 2 keep him inside lol...it was funny! He was cryn @ da same tyme lol....bt neways so u dated 1 of da dreamerz? Dang, all bad bt who? ha so u guys r tite? dats kewl bt doesnt it feel alil weird thro...lyk see'n him wit other gurls or jst hangn (lyk he mite hav feeln 4 u) lol jst sayn! Dang, so they won the battle of da bands? Dats kewl! I shuld go nxt tyme? haha bt i dk wen thro...ha SO wat r u go n 2 do dis wknd? Me,jst go watch movies @ da theatr,hangout, n shop lol...g2g nw, ma bell's go n 2 ring, so ttyl'z...lol
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at Apr 15 19:10
lol....So u didnt go boogie then huh...lol Well it's GUD dat u took ur ACT's! I am bt n da future haha Dang, so u knw da Dreamers? I lyk da way they play n ma parents do 2 lol...their jst loserz bt n a cute way! ha I knw dat ur busy n everything so i dnt really mind if u cnt w/b soon! I knw hw is it! So hw was ur EASTER? Me, FUN! We jst cookd out by da lake n went fishn, n the usual on easter day! I had lots of fun! It was gud competition dis yr lol....Every1 was pushn n etc...so it took longer than i thot lol....So wen is ur prom? n graduation? ha
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at Apr 3 15:54
lol...I think it was GLONNIE? haha yea....SO u do then! Dang, dat's crazy! I thought, you were lyk da skewl gurl type or the innocent 1 bt i guess not! Well my parents dont drink but my mom only does it once n a while b-hind ma dad's bck lol....she's crazy! 1 tyme she told me n my sis wit her becuze ma dad wuld get really piss so we jst told a lye say'n dat ma cousin sis fated n class so we had 2 go up gallup 2 c hw's shes doing lol....Then she was jst drink'n all the way but she kept on cuss'n n we got tired of it then we thut we wouldnt party wit her at all haha it was crazy! SO neways....ur go'n 2 take ur ACT? dat's GOOD! Hw about ur SAT? Me, not yet by soon! Damn, i sund lazy! lol...SO r u go'n 2 dance up @ sansette or whatever ha? My parents r go'n 2 da 1 n shiprock so I mite go lol....Jst laugh about people....I bet u r n pain by not go'n 2 pract? it's okay but skewl 1st! Im gettn bck n shape 2 by liftn weights n runn'n! lol...I hav a tournment com'n up @ Toyak so i cant wait 2 play! So hey ttul....
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at Apr 2 14:37
lol....NO! Im not running out of things 2 say! haha It was jst dat tyme was running out 4 me haha becuze da bell was about 2 ring so i jst wrote a lil letter! SO ur deal'n wit ACT 2? lol same here! But i havnt sign up 4 it yet becuze im jst deal'n wit homewrk and school @ da same tyme. Bt not really homewrk lol i jst want 2 go home n kick bck then ball it up outside lol....OR sumtymes i jst play tagg wit my lil cuzins n brothers lol it's FUN! I feel lyk a lil kid again bt at least im runn'n n exercising ha Dang, so ur confuse? I knw hw dat feels...it suxs! So which 1 r u go'n 2 do then? Well 4 me, i wuld take ma test if i'm go'n 2 make it 2 sonastee nxt tyme if NOT then go 2 da nxt haha dat's my advise 2 u! (i dont knw hw 2 spell it lol) Dang, u havnt really gone 2 practice yet? Well its' okay, it's jst preseason ha Dang, i wish i culd join volleyball again! I can hit pretty hard lol....I could of been on varsity my sophmore yr bt i was scard so i told coach if i could wait til nxt yr...I was just a chicken shit lol....Dang, so ur going to go to a CW dance huh or is it a skewl dance! lol I jst get crazy @ skewl dances lol Me, and ma friends jst do stupid dances ha Bt i'll watch u play thro....lol! Bt dnt u guys go to the memorial basketball tournment here at shiprock? I remember last yr...u guys were playn here! Dats it u were on the team by then....? Hw come ur friend want u 2 go 2 da dance so bad? U guys go'n 2 party hard jk hav u ever done dat? Me, yea....jst once thro...then after dat, i didnt want 2 do dat again lol....gotta go so w/b/a/s/a/p! lol....
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at Mar 31 19:39
SO u wrk @ a tattoo place! Dang, dats kewl! So do u play with da needles? lol...jp So volleyball is com'n up then...I shuld watch u play wen u come 2 Shiprock! so w/b/s!!
Posted: 9 years, 3 months ago at Mar 13 14:44
Hey, so school's same o, same o!! Lol....yea...i think that you did bet the longest comment on mine lol....i didnt know that i wrote so much! i wasnt really keeping track until i posted the comment lol...Well my name is Melakia Garcia! How about you? I cant really read that close i forgot my glasses jk lol....SO you just go to the dances that come your way huh....haha Well for over here! There's always a dance going on every week! So my parents always pass my the signs by the flea market so see when there's another dance going on...(their just little dorks but hey i love them) lol SO you practice? What do you practice for? (SOFTBALL)? If so, then it must be really HOT out there? Well as least your getting your vitamin D's aka Sunny D. lol Well for the dance, i dont really dance...lol becuze it's kinda funny becuze everyone on the bleacher always look at you haha....Its like they compare you to other people or dancers lol...SO you heard about the street ball? Well as me, i didnt go becuze i had to go to my lil sis's track meet up in farmington! She wanted us to be there but then it was freakn COLD! (like cloudy and alittle sprinkling) lol I kinda got my authoriduse...jk lol SO how's the getting in shape helping out with you? Me, kinda getting there lol...SO your working on the yearbooks over there! Dang, sounds like hard work! (getting all that shit together) ha Sorry for my language! But my friends are in yearbook editing..and they say that it's fun writing about people...So your on the computer at the same time. Same here! My math is on the computer so i just write to people and do my work at the same time...but then i like the computer better. ha. Well school here, just fun! There's rules and everything but you just have to be alittle responsible with getting on time and just keeping up with the assignments. Well im kinda a trouble maker...My teachers call me and my group chatter box lol becuze were always talking and laughing in their class! But they always look at me, they sometimes have to move me haha but it's not my fault that my friends talk and get my into trouble...SO when's your prom? lol (out of no where but hey w/b/s!!)....
Posted: 9 years, 3 months ago at Mar 12 14:33
haha yea...i guess that i did write more than anyone on your commment. lol SO you like playing in leagues and tournments for basketball....Dang, that cool!! Im already in two leagues already over at keyenta and red mesa then there's one in shiprock too...SO i think im going to do that one too. Im trying to get back into shape too.(my sister also)lol...Well after leagues we just get out of shape so right now it's rough by running, doing weights again lol...we try to turn up the rocky song to encourage us lol jk Dang, im writing to a girl from newcomb too...but i dont know her real name lol....SO any dances for you this weekend? lol For me, i bet becuze my parents always have to go to a dance....i think it's just a hobbie for them. lol Well today, there's a street ball game tonight at 5:30 against our boys all-star team...lol i cant to watch so their going to be doing cool moves to fake all of them...Then we'll be talking about it the next day and make fun of them....So how's school over there and it sure is getting hot outside.w/b/s!!!
Posted: 9 years, 3 months ago at Mar 3 20:02
Hey, what's up? Dang, do we have alot of things in commom lol Well as for me, my parents like stateline and fenderz 2 also so i like going with them to country dances and hangout with my friends! Well as for me, im a senior here at shiprock high school...So im trying to enjoy my last year here. Im trying to not get into any trouble right now...lol I like playing basketball too. SO where do you go to school at? w/b/s!!
Posted: 9 years, 4 months ago at Jan 30 18:52
NiCe PrOfIlE!!!!M!zZ j@m3s!!!

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